December 14, 2014

EnerTribe Grant Services - Karuk Tribe Wins Approval for Humboldt County Broadband Project

Exciting news for Indian Country as the California Public Utility Commission announces a formal resolution to fund the Klamath Rural River Broadband Initiative for the Karuk and Yurok tribes. » LINK EnerTribe’s currently works as the tribe’s Permit, Project and Program Management team. EnerTribe wrote the CASF grant application being funded by the PUC and is honored to be apart of such a historical moment for Indian Country. Apache Native & Director of Grant Services, Ron Flavin says “KRRBI is a community-driven effort that bridges the digital divide by providing rural residents access to affordable, reliable, high-speed broadband Internet that improves public safety and spurs economic growth. The project would not be possible without the collaboration and support of the Tribes, the business community, the federal government and the California Public Utilities Commission.” President and CEO, Forest James said “This has been a long awaited win for everyone and marks the beginning of a historical moment for our tribal communities. We are excited to work along side with our sister tribes and look forward to a busy next couple years. This project is but the foundation of a much larger picture and will likely be appreciated for generations to come.” Stay tuned for more updates as we progress!

December 13, 2014

Jefferson Public Radio - Broadband Access Comes to Karuk & Yurok Country

Klamath River Rural Broadband Initiative You might have heard a lot of talk about the importance of bringing broadband Internet service to rural areas. The California Public Utility Commission is turning the talk into action. CPUC just awarded a grant of more than $6 Million to the Karuk Tribe for broadband service in remote parts of northern Humboldt County. The Karuk's Information Technology director explains the installation process. Listen to Eric Cutright explains how broadband will affect rural communities along the lower Klamath River here.

December 13, 2014

Official Partnership - EnerTribe and Karuk Tribe

KARUK TRIBE AWARDED SIX MILLION DOLLARS TO BRING BROADBAND TO RURAL NORTHERN CALIFORNIA Klamath River Rural Broadband Initiative is a joint collaboration between the Karuk Tribe and the Yurok Tribe and will provide broadband and Internet access to the communities of Orick, Orleans, Johnsons, Wautec and Weitchpec “The Karuk Tribe is very excited about the recent broadband award,” says Karuk Tribal Chairman Russell Attebery. “This will provide business opportunities and jobs. Communications in rural areas have always been difficult. This project will help solve the communication problems we have faced.” Vital community and government institutions will benefit from the project, including health care facilities, schools, rural fire camps, fire stations, public safety installations and several other state, federal and tribal government offices. The communication and economic development opportunities that grow from this project will be “essential to the future of the region”, according to IT Director Eric Cutright of the Karuk Tribe. The fiber optic portion of KRRBI runs along highways 101, 96 and 169, and on Bald Hills Road. The fiber will connect with existing fiber optic networks owned by Siskiyou Telephone in the east and Suddenlink Communications on the coast. In each community along the fiber route, a mix of wireless technologies will be utilized to provide service, including WiFi, microwave and white space radios. In addition to collaborating with the Yurok Tribe, the Karuk Tribe has partnered with native owned businesses EnerTribe and Native Link Communications.

December 13, 2014

Grant Services - Confederated Tribe of the Colville Reservation

The Confederated Tribes of the Colville Indian Reservation, – $1,303,794; Funds will be used to provide broadband services to the rural community of Keller, through an optical fiber fed wireless access network. Additionally, the community center will be equipped to provide free access to computing equipment, training, and broadband services to residents for at least two years. The Confederated Tribe of the Colville Reservation applied for a grant to run Fiber Optics into the Keller Community with a Native Link Technologies wireless distribution network! The efforts of the Native Link and EnerTribe grant services in partnership with the tribal IT department has shown great success! » LINK

December 13, 2014

Finding and Securing Grant Funds for Technology Projects

Topic: Finding & Securing Grant Funds for Technology Projects Ron Flavin Grants Industry Expert Duration: 1 hour 5 minutes Description: This webinar will provide tribal IT departments with simple strategies for uncovering grant opportunities to fund information technology projects as well as action steps to take that will give their proposals an edge on the competition. -Srategies for uncovering appropriate State and Federal grant opportunities to fund IT projects -Critical flaws that prevent most grant proposals from getting funded -Five keys for writing a successful grant proposal Download Playback here and click on the "Associated Offline Materials"


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