earthprint technologies delivers the next generation of wireless networks. Our reliable, secure and robust wireless network infrastructure provides new levels of extended reach, optimum performance and advanced network management.

Rural & Tribal Communities

Greater versatility, less equipment, enhanced performance for rural wireless broadband networks. earthprint technologies designs, delivers and manages low cost, high performance wireless networks for remote and tribal communities. The community receives all the benefits of high speed Internet access and broadband services, once Fiber Optics are established commuities can repurpose the Advanced wireless service for richer and richer content. Available as Infrastructure-as-a-Service, our solutions remove the need to employ and retain trained technical staff to administer the network.

Wireless networks from earthprint Technologies combine enhanced throughput, availability and security requiring fewer access points to deliver extended coverage. Advanced IP layer management and speeds up to 300Mbps provide a secure, low latency, wire-like service into even the most remote areas.

Our networks have the flexibility to carry a number of public and private networks over a single wireless infrastructure. In this way, consumer voice applications co-habit with public safety networks or video on-demand services. State of the art link sharing means bandwidth is intelligently allocated based on network priorities and airtime demand.

Video Surveillance

An end-to-end system for the delivery of real-time information for surveillance and public safety applications. earthprint technologies designs and delivers secure wireless networks that add intelligence, collaboration and real-time information sharing to video surveillance. You have a single end-to-end video surveillance solution that is robust and rapidly deployed.

Ideal for outdoor and indoor operation, our wireless networks are flexibly configured to allow you to deploy and redeploy as surveillance demands change. Our solutions enable wider geographic coverage with fewer access points with IP layer QoS providing highly predictable, reliable and secure coverage.

Network planning and traffic management is simplified with central network management that provides a client-per-client view. We create effective surveillance systems at a fraction of the cost and time associated with equivalent fibre solutions.

Telecoms Providers

Wireless solutions from earthprint Technologies provide a commercially viable path for 3G and 4G network congestion relief. By offering both data and voice call offload, we provide service providers with the flexibility and capacity to meet customer demands. Extremely low latency, high throughput and extended range means the provider requires fewer access points to achieve a high performance offload solution.

By offloading to Wi-Fi, carriers have a quick and cost-effective way to expand network capacity using the lower cost, unlicensed spectrum. Our offload solutions offer high performance coverage to accommodate peak network times and allow providers to exploit previously uneconomic areas and overcome service black spots.

In addition, the earthprint network provided by Datasat Technologies has been specially optimised for multimedia, video and audio delivery. Carriers can now benefit from the revenue opportunities from offering high speed multimedia services - information, entertainment and promotional - without overloading their existing mobile network.


Data and voice offload and backhaul solutions for Telecom & Internet Service providers and cellular network operators. Internet Service Providers today have the challenge of giving their customers quality service while meeting the heavy demands put on a network with all the mobile devices and over the top content. This challenge can be met with our solution. More radios in a unti mean less equipment and more flexibility when expanding your network. Expanding your network means more customers, we are here to support this ever expanding world of Broadband.

earthprint technologies offers a robust yet scalable technologie for Indian Country. From tribal government, to health care, tribal members to gaming th eearthprint solution can help accomplish your goals.

Mining & Minerals

Delivering versatile and reliable wireless and hybrid network infrastructures for mining communications. The development of wireless technology has allowed mining operations to become increasingly connected. No matter how remote and challenging the mine site, a wireless network solution from Datasat Technologies can cost-effectively deliver the access to real-time data necessary to increase operational effectiveness, productivity and safety.

Our wireless networking technology has been specifically designed for continuous outdoor operations within extremely challenging remote environments. With up to four RF routers in a single ruggedised access device, we create high bandwidth, low latency, robust and reliable wireless networks that deliver long-range coverage within even the harshest environments.

Key to the earthprint solution is intelligent IP-layer traffic management that allows a number of sub-networks to operate securely and independently over a single wireless network infrastructure. It can be installed quickly and extended or re-deployed as required. Our Network Monitoring System provides effective network planning through detailed heat maps.

Tailored Solutions

Robust wireless networks for corporate, government, NGO and public safety organizations. In Indian Country no two networks are identical. Your unique tribal government, business and technical requirements drive the final network design and implementation. earthprint Technologies offer completely tailored network design, development and delivery to meet the exact specifications of our customers.

eartprint's exclusive OEM partner for Indian Country Datasat, has over 25 years experience of delivering high performance, high security global communications networks, we create network infrastructure – wireless, satellite, fixed line or hybrid - to match business need and budget. All our customers have access to a comprehensive package of design, development and infrastructure services to create highly customised networks to suit every business requirement and budget.

Although wireless network technology is central to the services we offer, we are one of the few providers with in-depth experience of terrestrial, satellite and cellular communications technology. Our service is underpinned by our end-to-end network methodology that takes you from initial prototyping and network design through network build and deployment to network management and support services.


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